AriaTM was born in 2013 after many years of experience in the aviation industry and out of the belief that this industry, very competitive, yet with imperatives of safety and quality, is looking for, and needs a set of quality services that further empowers and professionalises its workforce.

AriaTM is about enhancing human performance in your company.

The human in the aviation system is still key to making things happen: to generate return on investment and to provide the safety and quality standards required by our industry. On the opposite side of the coin, badly managed or badly prepared personnel can lead their company into disastrous situations, consciously or not.

AriaTM is interested in how the human of today interfaces with the aviation system, a system which is complex and which is made of other humans, technology and procedures. As technology keeps advancing, so do procedures, either to keep up with the technology or to leverage further efficiency gains.

The human needs to be integrated harmoniously into the system. Action needs to be taken in the three areas:

Technology especially that which is in direct interface with the human should be developed in such a way that leverages on the human’s strengths and is resilient to the human’s weaknesses.

Similarly, procedures need to be achievable by the same human that is executing them, some need to forge a link between technology and the human; others have the objective of clarifying the way things are done between different persons. All of them need to take care of those who work with them. A procedure which is not designed with the human in mind has an inherent risk for trouble.

Finally we need to invest in the human. Personnel need to acquire the knowledge and skills for what they are operating and the correct behaviour and attitude to work with others. (And here I am thinking of conflict management, communication, leadership and other skills that are necessary in such a complex system). Personnel also need to be managed well and be motivated.

Yet the human is in constant evolution, in the interaction with technology and with others. In the way he learns and in the way he perceives relationships.

The work on the three areas above: Technology, Procedures and the Human, needs to be done with a permanent transversal idea in mind: to keep observing and adapting the solutions to the person of today.

And all this is what AriaTM proposes:

   to provide the aviation industry with assistance in the design of technology and procedures that keeps the present day human in mind,
 to provide consultancy in the training function, to enable companies to analyse, design and manage training in a qualitative and cost effective manner, focusing it to the real needs, and
 to deliver training courses aimed at improving the knowledge of the skills of those who work in the aviation industry, whilst keeping in mind that the method of delivery also needs to correspond to the needs of the audience.

All this while respecting our clients and with your personnel in mind.

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Max Bezzina