Do you want to feel more serene during your upcoming ICAO Aviation English Proficiency exam or want to simply feel more comfortable in your everyday work?

Do you think you are a marginal level 4 and want to consolidate this level? Or perhaps even move up one notch?

Get your Aviation English language training in Malta.
AriaTM has teamed up with Easy School of Languages, Malta to  offer an Aviation English Course suitable for qualified Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots. This one/two week course will give you the opportunity to obtain intense practice in the six key areas of ICAO Language Proficiency Scale necessary for your career in aviation.
Course plan:
35 lessons (45 minutes each) per week (including visits)

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Course content:

  • Vocabulary – learn vocabulary in aviation related contexts.
  • Interaction – practise interacting and responding appropriately in routine or non-routine situations.
  • Structure – learn how to use correct tenses and aspects.
  • Pronunciation – acquire and practice correct pronunciation.
  • Comprehension – familiarise yourself with a wide range of accents & speech speeds.
  • Fluency – integrate language skills to improve accuracy, clarity and brevity.
  • Phraseology – develop a wide range of aviation and technical vocabulary.
  • Exam preparation – receive hints and advise on how to successfully pass aviation English language proficiency examinations.
  • Visits to aviation related places and activities.

Aviation English Language Course Objectives:
To achieve, consolidate or improve your ICAO English language level 4
You will

  • develop a wider vocabulary to be able to express yourself more fluently.
  • be able to paraphrase and communicate with others better.
  • be able to interact and respond to questions more effectively.
  • be able to report more clearly and handle language for routine and non-routine situations adequately.
  • be able to avoid misunderstandings by using grammar more accurately.
  • be able to understand a variety of accents, both native and non-native.
  • become more familiar with expressions, idioms, slang and phrasal verbs.
  • be able to learn and use technical language more effectively.
  • have the possibility to visit aviation related places and get a firsthand experience.
  • have the opportunity to meet and interact with experts in the field.


  • Fully-qualified English teachers with training in Aviation English.
  • Aviation experts in the subject matter.

This course is delivered in partnership with Easy School of Language, Malta.
They can also be delivered on a bespoke basis.
We also offer other packages for those beginning in aviation or whose English level is well below the ICAO operational requirements.
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