Network Security Course

This course would be bespoke designed based on the client´s requirements. It can have both a theoretical and a practical component.

This course is aimed mainly at Helpdesk and IT Support Personnel.

Course content
The following is an example of a Network Security course of 3 days length (20 hours) and which solely focuses on theoretical knowledge. (As an estimation one should add another 20 hours to include configuration examples and exercises): 

Course includes
 – Intro (1h)
 – Security threats to the network (2h)
 – LAN security (2h)
 – AAA (1h)
 – ACL (2h)
 – Firewall Technologies (2h)
 – IPS and IDS (1h)
 – VPN (4h)
 – NAC (2h)
 – Secure Network Management (2h)
 – Closure (1h)

Please contact for more information.