Past projects by Max Bezzina

Before presenting the list, it is necessary to highlight that these projects/activities would have never been achieved without the people who taught me, those who trusted in me and those who worked with me.

Operations related:

Part of an operational transfer team to prepare the operational transition from an old ops room to a newer one with a change in operational system (Maastricht UAC) including:
Validation testingariatm_just_logo
Operational shadowing
Transition planning
Transition training definition, development and delivery to ATCOs

Operational Support to Skyguide within the company´s Virtual Center Programme (As part of Ingenav)
Review of Degraded Modes Processes and Procedures
Writing of Business Requirements and other Business Analysis Support
Coordination of New Demo Controller Working Positions
Harmonisation work on Supervisor Procedures

Operational Readiness and Transition (ORAT) project management (Ingenav)
Participation in the design and execution of ORATs in Europe and the Middle East for the transition to new ATM Systems, infrastructure (new Operations Rooms / ATC Towers / Airport Layouts) with a 6 step methodology: Concept of Operations – Gap Analysis – Redesign of Processes and Procedures – Safety Assessment – Training Design and Delivery – Transition management Planning and support to execution

Operational improvement team: (Maastricht UAC), task including
Liaison between ATC and Software engineers on functional and system improvements to operational system
–   Defining user requirements and drafting functional specifications
   Designing roadmap for further system enhancements

Human Performance Related Projects (freelance):

Total review of a European ANSP’s policies related to Competence acquisition and maintenance, including the review of operational Unit Competence Schemes and Unit Training Plans in accordance with EASA regulations (EU 340/2015)

ATM and other projects in general :

Member of the Eurocontrol internal content integration group (ACIG) during the SESAR definition phase
Portfolio management expert (Eurocontrol): Defining, setting up and using a project portfolio performance review mechanismhf_case

Training related:

Setup and management of ATC training activity (Senasa, Ingenav and freelance):
Certification of the company as Training Organisation in accordance with EASA Regulations (EU340/2015)
Development of training plans and responsible of these plans in front of Regulator
Development of training policies
Recruitment and management of instruction team
Advise senior management on ATM training and regulation
Prospection of new clients

Training development:
Member of the Common Core Content Task force
Author of Eurocontrol’s Development of Unit Training Plan guidelines

Training delivery (Eurocontrol, Senasa, Ingenav & Freelance)handover
Delivery of ATC initial and unit training
Delivery of other ATM related subjects
Delivery of Human Performance related subjects (e.g. TRM, OJTI, Supervisor Management)
Delivery of on the job instructors’ and Team Resources Management courses on behalf of Eurocontrol / IANS
Delivery of presentations on the main modules of an ATM system and the future of the system

E-learning (Eurocontrol, freelance)
Chairman of European ATM E-learning developers Task force (EDTF)
Co-author of guidelines on e-learning development and use in ATM on behalf of Eurocontrol

Definition of e-learning strategy
Definition, procurement and installation project management of new Learning management system (Training Zone)
Development and maintenance (as SME) of various e-learning modules
Project management of a number of other modules.
Line management of the development and delivery team.

Images courtesy of Eurocontrol from of e-learning modules I co-developed